DELAROS is a company located in the island of Mykonos specializing on water resources management and marine environment investigation.

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Company Profile

DELAROS OE is a company located in the island of Mykonos specializing on water resources management and marine environment investigation. It consists of water scientists specializing on water and wastewater treatment, waste management, marine depollution and other activities. We have collaborations with numerous Greek Universities and institutions of Public and Private sector. Our research covers the entire spectrum of water resources management and includes:

  • Evaluation of anthropogenic pressures and pollution at river basin and its impact on the quality of coastal, surface and groundwater.
  • Determination of the trophic state in water bodies.
  • Investigation of environmentally optimal design disposal projects and wastewater reuse and sludge.
  • Design of water treatment facilities in connection with the water origin (e.g. surface, underground), the quality of natural water and the relevant legislation.
  • Designing solutions and implementing interventions in existing water treatment units and water distribution systems to deal with specific problems such as toxic substances, odour & taste problems etc.
  • Technical consultancy services to governmental organizations (Municipalities, Water Supply and Sewerage Companies, etc.) and to the private sector on several water-related topics such as water quality, water supply, operation of water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Development of environmental impact studies
  • Water and land ecosystems management ecology, environmental education and information
  • Development of rainwater harvesting systems in the Greek islands
  • Evaluation results indicate deliberate operational measures, operation optimization suggestions, extensions and upgrades, organization and mode of collection of records etc.
  • Technical evaluation of water treatment engineering, and wastewater treatment disposal.


This company is located in Greece in Hellas (Mykonos). It has facilities for the study of field sampling strategies and environmental technologies. DELAROS owns two of the sites where the HYDROUSA demonstration systems will be installed. Specifically DELAROS owns the land in Lia of Mykonos where the innovative, agricultural rainwater harvesting system will be developed (HYDRO1) to be applied in remote agricultural areas. The cultivation sites which will be developed are also the property of DELAROS. Furthermore, DELAROS owns the infrastructure of HYDRO2 which consists of two existing water storage tanks having a size of 70 m3 and 40 m3 which are currently connected to a 110 m2 roof of a house and a series of wells which will be connected to the rainwater collection system. The company also owns a large agricultural site adjacent to the wells, which is currently irrigated using groundwater.

Projects Involved

Investigation, monitoring and elimination of taste and odor problems in water to cover the water needs of Mykonos Island and the region of Siatista, Marathi Lake, Mykonos Vithos Lake, Pramoritsa / Siatista Kozani, Greece, 2012 - 2014

Assessment of the effectiveness of ozone disinfection on secondary and tertiary treated effluents in Psyttalia WWTP, Athens, Greece, 2009.

Studying the problem of clogging of water supply lines from deposits, Thasos Island - Greece 2014.

Intensive monitoring and investigation of eutrophication - the approach of the phenomenon of the presence of dead fish, Mykonos Island, 2015-2016.

Research and innovation project in Continuous remote monitoring and control of water quality & quantity for Surface Water Bodies, 2016 -2017

Anthropogenic pressures in the catchment area of Marathi lake, Ykonos, Greece 2016.


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